Banning Technology Just Doesn’t Work: Elearning is the Future

Schools throughout the land display large posters of phones with a big red banning sign. They also enshrine harsh reprimands in the school rules for students who bring laptops and phones to school. There’s a state of fear amongst staff that the evils of the internet and elearning will find their way into class. Whilst it is certainly true that internet in many ways make young people vulnerable, but equal so does the fear of it.

It might have worked to ban phones and laptops in schools in the 90’s but social reliance on the internet means rules like this are just unrealistic. We should also examine the aim of banning, is it to somehow get the children to concentrate? Is it distracting? Perhaps. The truth is though that this is inevitable, and the internet is a library you can’t tell them what books to read…

The status quo of the education system is so limiting in that there’s a prescribed curriculum of what kids ‘need to know’ to succeed in life. The internet enables students to learn about the things that interest them, giving them a unique skills set in later life. This is in line with the societal shift about the purpose of education, from preparing us for a life already chosen for us by our social class, to one where students are less limited by this owing to the technical revolution.

The reality is most of the students will use a mobile phone as part of their job in later life. Schools however fail to realise that it is not frivolous digital chatter as a large part of young people lives are online, it is in a sense also a social education for them. It is the responsibility of schools to teach kids how to use these technologies responsibly rather than banish them.

Blanket bans seldom work anyway whether it be for phones, hoodies or crewing gum you just drive the rebellion. With kids possessing multiple devises and a culture based on the internet banning it is regarded as a restriction on their identities. Instead of adapting to the learning this generation needs, the generation teaching them continues to resit the learning they want and need.

So what’s the solution? Put learning online…

Students still need the academic guidance they always have, they just demand it in a different way. Elearning platforms will have their own departments within schools within 10 years, some examining bodies are even shunning paper based exams. 

DesignATest is an academic platform for students, teachers, parents and schools. It offers assessments that give a reliable indication of academic progression, with an interface pupils will engage with. It also harnesses the power of digital based analysis assessing pupils on a range of metrics.

You can create your first test right now and email it out to pupils in seconds. The system also lets you communicate effectively with parents. See what DesignATest does for your class…

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Online Testing: Instant Learning

With students more interested in their phones than their books, it’s time to stop fighting the inevitable. Schools have frequently banned ‘electronic devices’ even  teachers can be seen having a cheeky scroll through their Facebook feeds during assembly. With unfathomable amounts of information in the palms of students, schools simply must find a way to take up some screen time and space.  The hostile environment towards new technology in schools will only harm pupils by not preparing them for a world where their lives will become ever more reliant on it.

There’s not a high school level question that cannot be answered by the internet, students can find the information far quick, more efficiently and more comprehensively. Schools however offer far more than just information, the also give an invaluable social education. As students now live a large fraction of their lives online, with a culture dominated by the internet, schools simply must find their way to the online space.

online school quiz

There are a number of methods and platforms already established for schools to reach students online. One such platform is DesignATest, this system offers a vast range of features designed to offer a tailored approach to education. You can create an online quiz that gets students engaged through the devices they treasure so much.

The winning formula for the DesignATest platform is the instant learning it provides. Students can be doing the class online quiz on their phone on the bus home from school.  Keeping them engaged with the things they have learned in class at home. Think of it like adding vegetables to their favourite food, they don’t notice they are learning…online quiz generator

There’s also no more; ‘I left it at home’, ‘the dog ate my homework’ or ‘I lost it’ as  there’s just no more excuses. Teachers can also communicate with parents on issues of concern. You can also measure academic progression over time with interactive graphs.

You’ll be able to reinforce the importance of deadlines, as well as prepare students for the expectations of professional life. The internet has penetrated industry and completely changed the workplace, yet schools continue to resist the inevitable. Companies increasingly are training and assessing their employees online, as well as tracking professional performance.

Simple drag and drop functionality means you can create online tests with ease. Universities have also begun adopting online assessments with most syllabuses having an industry specific information technology module.

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