4 time saving tips for teachers

It’s well documented that the workload of teachers can be a heavy one; spending all day teaching and once the pupils and students have left for the day the marking, planning and preparing for the next day begins. Plus, there is so much more now that teachers must do to adhere to policies for not only the educational establishment they work in but also government directives.

Saving time and resources where possible is probably on your mind if you’re in the teaching profession – here are some tips to try and save time in your working day and maybe mean you won’t be working into the weekend!

Prioritise and schedule

It might seem obvious that you need to have a structure to your day, but it doesn’t just apply to the teaching time. If you have marking to do then allocate a set amount of time to complete it, prioritise the items that are essential and leave less urgent tasks until later in the week. Some people live by lists and they tend to be more organised as a result.

Streamline processes

Depending on the age of the students or pupils you’re teaching then they’ll be easier to get into the habit of helping you streamline your processes. Daily tasks like registering can be done by the individual rather than the onus being on the teacher to spend 10-15 mins ticking off a list of names as they arrive for the day of learning. Using an online resource for your materials like DesignATest could also save you time when you’re planning lessons.

Allocate one day to stay late

If you know you won’t get everything done in the time you have then allocate a day to stay late and power through a list of tasks that have been hanging around for a while. The hours after lessons finish are a good time to get on with some of the housekeeping requirements of the job.


A lot of your time could be taken up with some of the non-teaching tasks that being a teaching professional entails. If you teach children then you have a whole host of little helpers to delegate to – choose a team each week who are in charge of making sure the classroom is tidy, or that books and equipment are all returned to where they should be, pencils and crayons are sharpened or coats are all tidily on pegs – you could also reward their efforts with a certificate. This will not only make your load lighter but will instil a feeling of pride and responsibility into the children each week.


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