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Irish Schools to Ditch Paper Based Exams for Digital Testing

Students studying for their Irish Leaving Certificate will complete their exams online. This is the latest measure by the Irish Government to bring their education inline with a technologically advanced workplace.

Computer science will be the first subject to have digital exams and completed online. Richard Bruton, education minister,  is convinced this is the future of exams and education generally;

“I’d say that is the direction we are heading. We want to ensure that digital technology transforms our education system and that we utilise the power of digital technology.”

“The ambition is to be the best in Europe within a decade. We are looking very clearly at the extent to which digital technology can transform assessment methods as well.

Digital testing is still a new idea for many education boards around the world. Experts remark that education is falling behind the pace of technological innovation in the workplace. This is failing to prepare students as a result.

Entire Courses Completed Online

All students will complete the entire course on Laptops including the course work and exams. The Irish Government hopes this will show a real commitment to digital learning.

Irish schools have recently introduced computer science as a subject. It seems this is an attempt to catch-up at an accelerated pace.

The course will offer programming, web building and social aspects of how technology impacts us today and in the future.

The challenge this change might present with out-of-date assets is a worry for schools. Making sure each student has sufficient access is also a concern and barrier.

Schools that have adequate resources to run the course will be able to teach it from 2020. This includes access to high speed broadband and a minimum processor threshold. The requirement of a ratio of one child to one computer ensures adequate access.

DesignATest is an online testing platform that is available to schools all over the world. If you want to start bringing technology into your classroom and get access to pre-made tests and courses it’s a great resource.

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