Time to Ditch Paper Assessments & Learning

Major studies around the word are suggesting that kids learn better online that they do with paper. Online assessments and learning are more engaging whilst also delivering improved academic performance. The Scottish Qualifications Authority has even stated that it intends to phase out hand written tests within the next ten years. Therefore preparations for exams should naturally be online.

Big players in the ever-expanding tech industry despair at the fact western countries are failing to train their citizens for a digital world, subsequently emerging economies such as China and India are all too happy to supply the talented workforce. Facebook has just opened major offices in London, but with Brexit on the horizon it fears it will struggle to fill its positions in the future. Outmoded education and assessments in primary and secondary education makes it inadequate for a globalised world.

Of course the main objection to online assessments is ‘what if they cheat?’, but technology has surpassed this, many online assessments indicate the time taken on each question, and may even indicate where a pupil has visited an online source. There is also the argument that seeking out information when completing an online quiz is also a form of effective learning. More of a challenge for formal assessments like GCSE’s being completed online however. Informal online class quizes however are an effective way of measuring progression, even if pupils look for answers online.

Students process information much quicker and more effectively online than they can on paper. This generation is exposed to far more information than the generation before it. Helping students understand how to delineate between reliable sources of information should be a high priority. Setting out what is important through an online test gives the students a base to work from.

Online education┬áso accessible, you can even access tests ready-made by experts in industry, arts and sciences. There is a troubling disconnect between the often outdated practices of schools and innovation in industry. It is time we take note like other countries have so we don’t face a gaping skills gap.

DesignATest is an online education platform changing the way schools do tests. It’s accessible learning features mean teacher create engaging online tests and measure results in real time. Progress is measured preparing students to be challenged through online mediums.

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