6 considerations when creating online tests for homework

Online tests can provide an effective homework exercise for pupils of all ages and span a variety of subjects. But, even when you have a tool that makes creating tests simple, there are still some key considerations to bear in mind when you’re putting them together.

  1. How accessible will it be?

If you’re setting online homework, you can’t be sure what device your pupils will be accessing your test from. As a result, it’s important to make sure your test is accessible from the most frequently used electronics, including tablets and smartphones, as well as standard desktop PCs.

  1. Will there be a need for extra media?

Some questions could benefit from additional media that complements the questions, such as photographs, diagrams, videos, or audio clips. It’s a consideration that should, firstly, influence which tool you use, and then how you prepare and set out each question. Without the option of adding extra types of media, you can find yourself limited to the areas that your online test can cover.

  1. What format should the questions take?

As with all tests, there are different ways to set out your questions and which one is most suitable depends on what you want to achieve and the topic. For example, multiple choice questions are perfect for quick maths homework sessions, while long-form answer options may be more appropriate for English literature assignments, luckily DesignATest offers you choice and allows you to blend formats.

  1. What style of language will you use?

Again, this will depend on your overall objective. If you simply want to see if your pupils have grasped a particular subject, keeping language simple and clear is the way forward. But if you’re preparing for exams, for example, it’s a good idea to use the type of language that your students will be faced with on the actual paper.

  1. How easy will the test be to mark?

One of the key benefits of using DesignATest to create online homework is the automated marking. You don’t want to spend hours working through homework if you can help it, taking your time away from other valuable activities. As a result, it’s worth considering how it will be marked beforehand.

  1. What insights will the results offer?

Your homework results should offer some insights into how your class is progressing overall and on an individual level, reflecting how well they’re picking up the study areas. DesignATest makes this part simple, with an easy to use dashboard to gain a quick overview or in-depth perspective.


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