What is the DesignATest database and how to use it?

DesignATest was created to make accessing vital resources easier for teachers and place a new tool in their hands to reduce time making and create engaging tests that are aimed at their students. From primary school children through to students in further education, we’re building a database that could benefit you.

Firstly, what’s DesignATest? It’s an online tool that lets you create customised online tests and can provide automatic marking. As a result, it’s an ideal tool for quickly assessing pupils, from an individual level through to measuring how a whole year group is performing.  It allows you to track progress, tailor classes, identify where extra support is needed, and save valuable time on marking.

We know how important sharing is in the teaching community, and that’s why we created the DesignATest database. Whenever you create a test, you can opt to share it with others using our platform and you have access to those that have been shared too. Why is that a benefit? We’ve got several reasons for you:

  • Search by topic – We make it easy to search for peer reviewed tests across a huge range of topics, from maths to drama. With the ability to browse through tests that have been created by experts in their field, you can find ones that match your plans.
  • Match to your classes attainment – With a database at your disposal, you can find an online test that matches the overall attainment level of your class. With the customisable feature, it’s possible to set variations to suit different ability groups.
  • Find inspiration – Sometimes you just need some inspiration, and our database can help you with that. Whether you want to get some ideas on how to set out your tests or the types of questions to ask, DesignATest can be an invaluable resource.
  • Speed up planning – Our database can make the planning process easier and significantly reduce the amount of time spent on it. With a subject area in mind, you can find a link to an online test in just minutes.
  • Make setting homework simple – If you want to set quick, online assessments to be completed at home, our database is useful here too. It allows you to set our revision or further studying options without taking your time away from other vital areas.


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