How regular testing supports student development

The debate over how frequently children should face formal exams is continuing to rage. But there’s no denying that regular testing can provide a valuable way to support student development.

Those against testing argue that it can place unnecessary stress on children and shift a focus away from learning to parroting information. However, when used in an informal classroom setting, there are many benefits to regular testing students of all ages, including these five:

Assess individual performance

Tests provide you with a simple way to assess how each pupil within your class is progressing towards their goals. It gives you a chance to provide targeted intervention and additional support if it’s needed by highlighting where a child is struggling before it’s left too late or has an impact on the next stage of the topic.

Highlight topics that need revisiting

As well as giving an individual view, tests can also provide an overview of your whole class. It can indicate if you need to revisit a topic or approach a particular challenge in a new way to help your pupils gain a good grasp, whether it’s a maths technique or a historical event. It allows you to see which ways of teaching your class respond to.

Keep previous topics fresh in the mind

Teachers will often find that their class excels at a particular area, only for it to have been completely forgotten about by the following term. Having tests on areas that have previously been covered, helps with memory recall and keeping past topics fresh in the mind of your entire class.

It gives students a clear indication of how they’re performing

It’s important for students to understand how they’re progressing and doing in class too, whether you’re teaching at a primary or secondary level. Test results make it clear where extra work needs to be put in to boost overall grades and reach targets.

It prepares students for their exams

Exams are part of the educational system and being prepared for them helps pupils of all ages perform to the best of their ability. Making tests a part of regular school work helps to place students in a good position for the exams they’re working towards.

Here at DesignATest, we make it simple to create and use online tests that help to support student development and keep track of how they’re progressing.

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